Children's Ministries

Gospel Fellowship exists to point kids and adults alike toward the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that each child can come to faith in Christ and walk in newness of life. Our families attend the first portion of our Sunday Service while we sing joyfully and pray earnestly.

Preschool + Early Elementary

After the singing and prayer, our Children’s Ministry Coordinators will teach a Christ-Centered Bible passage to our kids. We invite you to have your Preschool or Early Elementary age child join in on this teaching time where they will learn the truths of God’s Word on their level.

Children's Ministry Coordinators


My sincere desire is that all children who attend Gospel Fellowship are clearly taught scripture in such a way that their little minds can grasp its life changing truths. I'm excited to be an encouragement & partner with parents as you raise your children to know God.

-Sara June Pardington

My desire is that children of all ages can come to a deeper knowledge of God through the teaching that they receive at Gospel Fellowship. I also have a heart for foreign missions & teenage ministries.

-Anna Ralston

My vision for the children’s ministry is to accurately & clearly tell them what the Bible says in an age appropriate way during every lesson. I also engage them with God’s Word and each other in order to make learning about the Bible enjoyable and interesting.

-Allie Janke