Where to Go when I Arrive?

After you pull into the entrance off of Clearbrook Road and park, walk toward the main entrance to the Rec Centre. Before you reach the main entrance, there will be a church sign directing you to the Senior Centre entrance.

Front of church with sandwich sign with service times

About The Service

Our Temporary Location

Each Sunday we gather at 10:00am at 33218 Marshall Rd, Abbotsford BC.

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The time we set aside for preaching God’s Word is special to us. Our pastors follow an “expository” style, and their sermons vary in length from 25-45 minutes. They explain what God’s Word is saying, verse by verse, and how it applies to us today.

Our Sunday Service starts at 10:00am and concludes at or around 11:30am. Feel free to come early or stay late to visit with our church family!

Our music is simple and reverent. We only use songs that teach you the Bible and have a clear meaning. We believe in congregational singing that teaches one another with song lyrics that are expressive of clear, meaningful Biblical truths. We pick tunes of all kinds and use a variety of instruments, but have never been accused of being "too loud."

Though our regular attendees support us financially, as a visitor, you'll never be expected to give anything. In fact, we're simply delighted you're visiting and that we can get to know you.

Infants & Children

Babies are unpredictable. And we love it! Though we don't provide formal child care, we always want families to feel welcome and comfortable to bring their children in with them. And if you’re feeling that the baby needs some space, there are quiet areas nearby to care for your infant.

We are very happy that you are bringing your children to visit with us! We believe that Jesus put a prime emphasis on children in His word. Our greatest desire for your children is that they place their faith in Jesus alone so that they can be at peace with their Creator.

After the singing and prayer time, families are invited to have their kids join in our children's class (preschool to early elementary) but are welcome to stay together in the service. Our Children's Ministry Coordinators will teach your child a Christ-Centered Bible lesson on their level, while being careful to never coerce your child into making a decision. We encourage our families to discuss the sermon and children's lesson together after the service.

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