God's Intervention in a World of Death

David Janke Jr.

So friend, Adam would see for the next 800 years, what his one decision in the garden would bring about. The ravages of sin. What utter sorrow. What grief to the heart of a father to not only watch your sons living in sin but to know that you caused it. But friend there is forgiveness. There is restoration. And this chapter, Genesis 5, is the bright spot in this world. This is God reaching down and saying, “I know you messed up. I know you sinned against me. I know your family is murderous and spiteful, and wicked, but this is not about you. It is about me, and my glory, and my fame, and my purposes, and my plans, and my honor, and my exaltation. And, Adam, I will accomplish my purposes in spite of you and your progeny. I will fulfill my promise to crush the head of the serpent and send a rescuer. I KEEP MY PROMISES.” And that’s why genealogies are so awesome! I don’t mean to sound trite at all mind you. Genealogies teach us. What a joy. What a joy to see God acting, in spite of us.