The Covenant Part 1: Noah's Offering Pleases God

David Janke Jr.

There is a clear implication in verse 22. Verse 22 implies that the earth cannot implode. It will not, apart from a direct act of God, cease to exist. And when I say, cease to exist, I mean cease to exist in its normal course of nature; in its ability to sustain life, the very life which God, through a direct act, created; So the earth will not cease to exist in its continuity. That’s the implication. There is a sequence of events that unfold in a determinate amount of time within a repetition of cycles. The earth’s surface continues to rotate at approximately 1,600 km per hour. It takes approximately 24 hours for the earth to complete a full rotation on its axis. It takes approximately 365 days for the earth to move 940 million kilometers and complete one orbit of the sun; during which time it stays about 150 million km away from the sun. And while all of these events are unfolding in our solar system (in outer space), there is a concurrent set of cyclical events that are unfolding within earth’s atmosphere.

Genesis 6-10