The Covenant Part 3: Rainbow Reminders

David Janke Jr.

But this brings up an interesting question. And that is, Why did God promise to never again flood the earth? Think about it. Couldn’t He have left that promise out? Why did He assure mankind of this? I think the answer is fear. You know, the story of Noah’s ark is probably one of the first stories that we hear as children. It’s right up there with David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lions Den, and the Resurrection of Jesus. And as kids, we tend to get a little sheltered from some of the more gruesome details of the story, and I think rightfully so. But I fear that we grow up into adulthood and we miss some of what was going on. Well, let’s not miss it. If there were such a thing as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on Rainbow Day after the flood I guarantee you all 8 of those people would have it! Could you imagine the next time the clouds covered the sky, rain began to fall and puddles began to form on the ground? Can you imagine floating in a boat tossed about like a leaf in a windstorm for over one year? No, we can’t imagine it! Can you place yourself in the mind’s eye of Noah and his family the next time they felt an earthquake, or experienced a thunderstorm, or worse yet, attempted to escape a flood? And remember, God had just blessed them with the blessing of procreation. “Be fruitful and multiply,” He said. What a comfort to know that as the rain came, as the winds blew, as the earth shook and as they bore children and began to repopulate, that they need not fear another global deluge. Never again.

Genesis 6-10